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Over the last ten years, the number of MRI scanners in the world has doubled. This means that during his/her lifetime, a human being can undergo an average of four MRI scans. Besides, there is an increasing variety of medical devices likely to be introduced or used in a MRI environment (surgical implant, active implant, vital-sign monitoring devices, stretchers or wheelchairs).

This is the reason why, when a new medical device is marketed, European notified bodies or foreign certification bodies ask to consider an assessment of the risks related to the introduction of the medical device in a MRI environment.

How to proceed? Our webinar, led by Healtis, LNE’s partner company for these issues, will answer that question:

  • Risks related to the introduction of a MD in a MRI environment,
  • Regulatory aspects of MRI compatibility,
  • Risk assessment, MRI compatibility tests.



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