GMED is pleased to announce the arrival of Romuald Gorjup as Certification Director at the French entity GMED SAS.

Romuald Gorjup studied engineering and has over 20 years of experience in the medical device (MD) sector, including 8 years with the French Ministry of Defense in MD research and testing, and 14 years with LNE, GMED’s parent company. During the latter period, Romuald spent three years managing the team in charge of electro-medical device testing and AI assessment, as well as 8 years managing all the laboratories dedicated to conformity assessment of all classes of MDs and IVDs.

Romuald’s expertise and solid experience of the MD lifecycle give him a thorough understanding of the sector’s manufacturers and their compliance strategies (European and International regulatory and voluntary certifications), whatever the size or type of structure.

His arrival during the transition to European regulations is a real asset in supporting customers, both in maintaining their MDs on the market and in developing innovative MDs.

With this management evolution, GMED is emphasizing the LNE group’s shared commitment to serving the healthcare industry on a large scale, and supporting innovation in all types of MDs, including those incorporating AI.



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