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Getting your Medical Device to market quickly without sacrificing quality is critical. Inefficiencies in the process can slow down your device’s market access.

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Get your Medical Device into Europe & Choose our ExpressCert Program

You need a Certification Body that is an Expert at both efficiency and your device, one that will help you protect your investment. GMED performs CE Marking assessment in accordance with the applicable European Medical Device Directives:

A Faster Standard Review Time

GMED’s Expertise in efficiency means that our standard assessment time is in line with the needs of the Medical Deviceindustry.

Assessment for:30 Working days
Quality system according to the provisions of the European directives (CE Marking)From the last day of the on-site Audit
The Medical Device according to the Essential requirements of the CE Marking (Design Dossier - Technical Documentation)As soon as we receive your Design Dossier/Technical Documentation
A Faster Standard Review Time

A Faster Standard Review Time

Need to Get your Medical Devices into Europe Fast? Choose our ExpressCert Program!


Can GMED Really
Assess My Device in 30
working days?

Through the ExpressCert Program, GMED coordinates and ensures that resources are available to devote time to your device assessment. Before getting started, we will perform a preliminary review to determine if we need more information. The clock starts as soon as we receive the last piece of information needed from you or at the end of the audit! As long as there are no major issues or non-conformities, within those 30 working days, you will receive the opinion of our committee.*

* Our ability to accommodate ExpressCert certification depends on your capacity and on how quickly you can provide us with the required information needed to assess the regulatory compliance of your device. Note that a positive outcome of our assessments (issuance of a certificate) within 30 working days cannot be guaranteed.
** Please note that the ExpressCert service does not guarantee a positive result of our assessments (issuance of a certificate) within 30 working days and doesn’t modify or accelerate the duration of our evaluations (such as audit duration or the time required to assess the conformity of the product).

Certification News

Library of regulatory updates, certification information, and other updates in the medical device field.

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