Diagnostic Audit

Prior to a Quality Management System Certification, GMED offers manufacturers the chance to schedule a Pre-Assessment Audit or Diagnostic Audit. As an optional service, one of our auditors will visit your site to perform a mock audit prior to your actual Certification Cycle.


The Diagnostic Audit is a convenienteconomical way for you to discover and correct any non-conformities, prior to the actual certification audit cycle.

Your diagnostic audit can be scheduled quickly and is completely confidential; only your company will receive audit results.

The Diagnostic Audit:

  1. Determines your readiness for certification by an actual registrar (GMED)
  2. Reveals your strong points as well as the weaknesses to clarify unmet requirements
  3. Familiarizes your organization with GMED and its auditors’ assessment method
  4. Optimizes your resources by allowing you to focus on the gaps to be bridged
  5. Applies to Quality Management System applicable standards, including:

If you are preparing for your first audit, have any concerns about your readiness or face critical deadlines, a Diagnostic Audit is a great way to get early feedback on any issues you need to address and maximize your opportunity for successful certification.